Graphic Design, Photography

Marketing material, logos, posters, salutation boards

LA Photography/Graphic Design also specializes in posters for all occasions, Keepsake/Memory Books, Banners, Corporate Meeting Boards, Sign In Boards for parties,  Event Announcements, Poetry set to fine art, book covers, Jewel Case art design, logo design.

[All images ©2019 LA Photography/Graphic Design®™] [Long Island Ducks/Ducks logos, Richmond Flying Squirrels-Squirrels logos ©2019 ®™] [Any and all poetry ©2019®™ of that poet]

scorecard cover logo

scorecard cover3ducks20203ducks20202projectbluebookmeetaprospect2meetAprospect3meetaprospect42020ducksposter2020ducksposter2



squirrels.jpgramone cabrerawally1620lew poster.jpglew fordbrownell2codypuckettray naverette 2.jpgcover13cover back8title page revisedDSC_9135.JPG

godanddograinbowbridgekatie louis logo.jpg


abbatepaoloducksshirtdesign1abbatepaolotshirt5ducksalstar4championship poster3


ducksalstar3chris poster2DSC_4133.JPGeastendmaritimepostersfestival.jpgrichmond poster.jpgVACATION.jpg

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