Client Business/Personal Projects

Whether it is a family event, business promotion or personal design, let LA Photography/Graphic Design fulfill your dreams and meet your needs. We strive to work closely with our clients on their designs.

LA Photography/Graphic Design has its strengths in promotional/marketing material, poster design, keepsake/memory books, business cards and related business projects and print. We offer our clients the finest quality of personal designs or business projects.

Personal project designs can keep family and friend memories alive for many years to come and is something can be handed down through the generations.

Business’ can utilize marketing/promotional items to catch the attention of potential clients and make an excellent first impression, as well as keeping your business in the public eye. The professional look and feel of each project enhances the chance of increasing the amount of clients.

Here is a link from The Blog from Adobe. The article give some real insight on advertising, especially cross channel campaigns:

Our specialties: poster design, photography, logos, poetry set to fine art, salutation boards and banners, advertisements, business cards, mailer cards, keepsake/memory books, CD music/Album cover design and insert pages. All works on this site are just brief glimpses of what we can do.

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