Poetry Set To Fine Art

Creating visuals is a specialty at LA Photography/Graphic Design. Each poem is designed in its own unique way.

Below are some examples of designs set to some works of art.

Clients interested in having work done in this area can contact us to discuss what they need done.

©2007-2021 by all poets listed in each design ©2007-2021 designs by LA Photography/Graphic Design

Quick Guide Poster


Logo design

Katie and Louis poetry set to fine art
Katie’s poetry and Louis’ designs


Book cover design

covercover13cover back8title page revised




lingeringshadowssunsetcurlupyou are my everything.jpgsanctuary2.jpgabstract 10.jpgchosenshade.jpgpureblack2.jpgunicornslollipops2.jpgivebeen.jpgbutterflypoem dedicated to momlingeringshadowssoft moments4.jpgKatie L.'s poetry set to artlunar copy.jpgKatie and Louis poetry set to fine art 2015Katie and Louis poetry set to fine artNo Longer Here.jpgwillow