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Blog [November 2022]
Life can seem to move very quickly. Many ideas come and go. It’s never to late to have and can-do attitude. Take some time to think about today and call us for your project needs. The year is almost over, your projects don’t have to be.
Our specialties: poster design, photography, logos, poetry set to fine art, salutation boards and banners, advertisements, business cards, mailer cards, keepsake/memory books, CD music/Album cover design and insert pages. All works on this site are just brief glimpses of what we can do.

Blog [August 2020]

The month of late July, early August took me on a wonderful adventure to Cooperstown, home of The National Baseball Hall Of Fame And Museum. It was my first time there. The visit was beyond my expectations. It was one of the best trips I had gone on in years.
The HOF consisted of the most wonderful collectables and memorabilia I had ever seen in one place. A wide variety of game used equipment, documents, stadium giveaways, game worn uniforms. The list could go on.
One thing that stood out was a situation where Major League Baseball used The Atlantic League Of Professional Baseball as a testing ground for rule experiments to help improve the game of baseball. Two of which were on display in the Hall of Fame.
One was allowing players to “steal” first base on any pitch “not caught in flight.” Tony Thomas of The Southern Maryland Blue Crabs was the very first player to successfully steal first base. His cleats are on display. The other rule implementation is the Automated Ball Strike System (ABS) or Robotic Umpire, where a computer generated system was set up to call balls and strikes, then relay the call to the home plate umpire. Fred DeJesus was the home plate umpire and the very first umpire to take part in that situation. The ear piece he used is also on display. I was at that game on July 25, 2019, when Long Island Ducks owner, Frank Boulton had taken the ear piece after the game and graciously donated it to the Hall of Fame. It made the game even more special being a spectator at a game that marked a place in history. I am not that far from the stadium where the Ducks play, it was a wonderful feeling to be part of something so special.

For information about the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball and that story, use the link below:
Atlantic League goes to Cooperstown!

For information about The National Baseball Hall Of Fame And Museum and that story, use this link:
Todays Game

Blog [July 2020]

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art, “Introducing Art = Discovering Infinite Connections in Art History”, a 20th anniversary celebration Heilbrunn Timeline of Art history and the 150th Anniversary of The Met, this is an interesting perspective and very informational story from the famous museum in a July 1, 2020 Editorial Team-Digital Department. It’s a worth while read.

Introducing Art = Discovering Infinite Connections in Art History

Blog [April 2020]

I have recently traversed into the world of art, as a way of utilizing down time during the recent Pandemic.
Recently, I started visiting various art museums online. Some of them have a virtual tour, some still photographs of items on display and other forms of art.
Here are links to a few things I enjoyed doing online at the art museums.
I hope the journey is as interesting to you as it was for me.

The Smithtown Historical Society

Museum of Modern Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Virginia Museum of Fine Art

Virginia Historical Society

Blog [April 2020]

During this recent crisis/pandemic, many of us are experiencing similar situations. Whether you are working from home, temporarily laid off due to companies downsizing or cutting back hours, looking for work, or anything related, it is vital to stay as positive as possible.

Continue doing your normal activities (seeking employment, doing work from home, household chores etc) and take time to catch up on any forgotten tasks, yard work, home repairs, maybe even wash and wax your vehicle.

Hobbies are another way of keeping your self entertained. Recently, after normal life activities are complete. I  took the time to reorganize different areas of the house and clean up a little, wash and waxed the car and then the hobbies entertained my time. Catching up on some reading was fun. I also revamped my baseball collection. It’s not much, yet it was fun to acquire some new items and arrange them accordingly. I never realized I had so much.

I wish everyone a safe and healthy time during this crisis. Best wishes to everyone and try to stay as positive as possible.

Blog [March 2020]

Topics on graphic design and photography

Some tips on stepping up your fine art photography.
For beginners to learn your camera, learn exposures and shutter speeds and a good idea to get familiar with the seven main principles of photography. You can also explore other information on this as well. There are many site offering tips on the elements and principles of photography.
7 Main Principles of Photography

For those seeking other ideas or wanting to just read some excellent tips:
Shutterbug Magazine
Digital Photography Magazine

One of my favorite graphic design magazines is GDUSA. There are many articles on design tips, articles, job tips and enhancing your creativity.

Blog [January 2020]

Here is a link of interest. I have looked at it several times and it has many interesting topics on various forms of art.
Creative Blog – Art and Design Inspiration

Blog [January 2020]

Marketing and promotional material is an important part of your business.
Whether you hire a professional graphic artist or create your own, it is an excellent way to keep current or potential clients aware that you are available, keeps them informed of your skills and what you can do. There are many ways of staying in the publics mind. It’s also a good idea to do your homework and develop concepts and ideas to present to the designer so they will have a better understanding of what you want. Try not to leave it up to the artist to know what you want.

Websites are a very useful tool, where you can keep current and potential clients updated on recent projects, specials and deals.

Printed materials are important as well. You can have a briefcase with various items like business cards, flyer/sell sheets, images of projects you worked on and other important information. While many places have a wide variety of pre-formatted templates, it is still a good idea to hire a professional graphic designer to have your project stand out, using original designs and ideas.

Social Media is another positive aspect. Even if you cannot afford a website, you can still finds places online where you can enhance your companies existence in the community.

These are just some concepts to enhance your business.

Blog [January 2020]

For those on Long Island in NY, here is a list of parks in Suffolk County. I have been to a few and have enjoyed the beauty of Suffolk County many times.

Suffolk County Parks

Blog [January 2020]

Summer is not that far off and a very good season for many of us.
Let’s face it, I love baseball, even with the recent weird turn of events in the Minor Leagues that the Commissioner of Major League is coming up with.
There are two teams I enjoy watching, the Long Island Ducks and The Brooklyn Cyclones.  When I am in Virginia to visit a friend, I also enjoy the Richmond Flying Squirrels.

The Long Island Ducks

Brooklyn Cyclones

Richmond Flying Squirrels

Blog [January 2020]

Happy New Year!
Another decade has come and gone and the possibilities of self improvement are endless.
Vocationally, much thought goes into developing new strategies and techniques, gaining new clients, working with old clients and other ways to increase your bottom line. Networking and having ample supply of business cards, mailer cards or other promotional/marketing materials is important.
Also, attend trade shows and other avenues like that. You never know who you meet that might have contacts you can meet or trade information with.
I found there are, at times, some good tips on LinkedIn. This link might be a good read for some folks:
2020 Top 3 Business Development Tips

Lifestyle balances are also an important factor, it assists in decreasing stress from over work. Social activities outside the work force is important. Whether you have a hobby, enjoy music, sports, reading or other interests, it is vital to give yourself to things you enjoy. Being recharged, happy and healthy is very important.
This link might assist, even for a brief tune-up sort os situation:
Dr. Eric Perry, PhD Psychology to Motivate | Inspire | Uplift
While not the sole epicenter for life, there are some good things from that link to think about.
If you have comments that relate, please share them.
I wish everyone a prosperous and healthy new year.

Blog [December 2019]

Here is an interesting link to some marketing strategies from Yahoo! from Chintan Doshi.  It covers costs/investment factors, such as time spent, payroll, designs of emails, while also covering accuracy of email lists [target audience, general email list, current or future clients, etc], campaign performance reports/analytics. Email service providers is also discussed.
This may sound like a lot of homework, yet this is an intangible situation of great importance. While there is a dollar amount, the time spent will be seen in the end result. Results may not be seen immediately. Sometimes we have to go the distance to get the best results.

Article Link: Yahoo Top Tips!

Blog [December 2019]

This article discusses 8 different reasons as to why marketing material matters. It varies from company to company, yet this is a very good starting point.

8 Reasons Why Marketing Collateral Still Matters from LinkedIn

Blog [April 2019]

Interesting perspectives on logo designs and designing ads.

5 logo design fails (and what you can learn from them). This is from an interesting article from Creative Blog.

Designing Ads for Cross-Channel Campaigns: Here’s What You Need to Know.
From Adobe’s blog. Adobe

Blog [February 2019]

Soon pitchers and catchers will be meeting for spring training, The Super Bowl, one of sports biggest events of the year is this Sunday (as of the writing of this blog), hockey is in full swing and sports photography is capturing history and bring athletics to life. I can’t wait for the warmer weather for more baseball.

Sports photography and creating sports posters has been fascinating for many years for this photographer. Capturing that athlete in action takes both a keen eye and a good sense of timing. The love of the art of creating an object poster for sports has been around for many decades.

Enhancing the image with some various graphic design styles is another way of creating even more interesting art within sports.

What is your favorite sport to create sports photographs, sports posters or other works of art, within sports? What are your favorite techniques or styles? Please feel free to leave a comment. I would love to see other artists capturing the thrill of the game.

This link is about an artist named Luchita Hurtado. Interesting and inspiring to know at any age, one can create beautiful works of art. (article from the NY Times magazine section NY Times ©20190

Blog [January 2019]

Marketing and advertising has its advantages and marketing materials are one of them.
At any given time, during the course of a week, talk about what you do might come up. That might be the perfect time to be succinct about what you do and to hand out a business card or any related marketing material.
Not having a card on hand might feel embarrassing or (since you might be off work and just want to relax or enjoy what ever it is you are doing) you feel “talking shop” while off the clock is not necessary.
It only takes a moment to talk about what you do and hand out a business card or other marketing material. you don’t have to have a lengthy conversation and tell the person or people to give you a call during the week.
Being prepared with your marketing material IS important. The basics are a business card. You may also want to have flyers, sell sheets, mailer cards on hand, neatly tucked into a folder to hand out in the event you see an opportunity.
Don’t feel bad if that particular opportunity does not happen right away or ever with that person(s). This is just part of the process and part of getting your name and what you do out there.
LA Photography/Graphic Design can assist you with that. Being familiar with creating marketing materials, we can design the right marketing material for you at affordable prices.
Drop by and say hello! We always enjoy chatting with perspective clients about their needs, ideas and designs.

Blog [January 2019]

For those interested in photography, I thought this article, from Wired Magazine, to be very interesting.


Other Links of interest

The Graphic Design-USA and Communication Arts links always has something new and fresh in the graphic design world.

Communication Arts

Graphic Design – USA

A Brief History of Photography – The Photography Timeline

Photography-Based Poster Design

50 Iconic Prints that Rocked the World

History of Graphic Design

A Brief History of the Poster

History of The Poster


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