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Blog [April 2019]

Interesting perspectives on logo designs and designing ads.

5 logo design fails (and what you can learn from them). This is from an interesting article from Creative Blog.

Designing Ads for Cross-Channel Campaigns: Here’s What You Need to Know. From Adobe’s blog. Adobe

Blog [February 2019]

Soon pitchers and catchers will be meeting for spring training, The Super Bowl, one of sports biggest events of the year is this Sunday (as of the writing of this blog), hockey is in full swing and sports photography is capturing history and bring athletics to life. I can’t wait for the warmer weather for more baseball.

Sports photography and creating sports posters has been fascinating for many years for this photographer. Capturing that athlete in action takes both a keen eye and a good sense of timing. The love of the art of creating an object poster for sports has been around for many decades.

Enhancing the image with some various graphic design styles is another way of creating even more interesting art within sports.

What is your favorite sport to create sports photographs, sports posters or other works of art, within sports? What are your favorite techniques or styles? Please feel free to leave a comment. I would love to see other artists capturing the thrill of the game.

This link is about an artist named Luchita Hurtado. Interesting and inspiring to know at any age, one can create beautiful works of art. (article from the NY Times magazine section NY Times ©20190

Blog [January 2019]

Marketing and advertising has its advantages and marketing materials are one of them.
At any given time, during the course of a week, talk about what you do might come up. That might be the perfect time to be succinct about what you do and to hand out a business card or any related marketing material.
Not having a card on hand might feel embarrassing or (since you might be off work and just want to relax or enjoy what ever it is you are doing) you feel “talking shop” while off the clock is not necessary.
It only takes a moment to talk about what you do and hand out a business card or other marketing material. you don’t have to have a lengthy conversation and tell the person or people to give you a call during the week.
Being prepared with your marketing material IS important. The basics are a business card. You may also want to have flyers, sell sheets, mailer cards on hand, neatly tucked into a folder to hand out in the event you see an opportunity.
Don’t feel bad if that particular opportunity does not happen right away or ever with that person(s). This is just part of the process and part of getting your name and what you do out there.
LA Photography/Graphic Design can assist you with that. Being familiar with creating marketing materials, we can design the right marketing material for you at affordable prices.
Drop by and say hello! We always enjoy chatting with perspective clients about their needs, ideas and designs.

Blog [January 2019]

For those interested in photography, I thought this article, from Wired Magazine, to be very interesting.


Links of interest

The Graphic Design-USA and Communication Arts links always has something new and fresh in the graphic design world.

Communication Arts

Graphic Design – USA

A Brief History of Photography – The Photography Timeline

Photography-Based Poster Design

50 Iconic Prints that Rocked the World

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