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LA Photography/Graphic Design likes to treat clients and their projects with a creative flair and utmost importance . We are here to assist each client with their projects and give them the highest quality. We seek to translate their business goals into reality and enhance their business or personal objectives, through marketing and promotional materials.
A business cannot place a dollar amount on the value of having their business’ name and services in the publics eye consistently. While word of mouth is important, communication through these marketing and promotional channels is even more important.
Consistent marketing and promotional pieces in the public eye is planting a seed and sending confidence and an excellent impression to potential clients, via a verbal and visual outlet, such as advertisements, flyers/sell sheets, business cards, mailer cards, banners or other forms of activity like that. When people know you’re “there”, they will want to inquire about prices and services. It can give a better sense of clients having confidence in your company. Having potential clients call and make inquiries is important.

Appointments to discuss your projects are not needed, but recommended. Please feel free to contact us. We will return each message as soon as possible.

If you wish to advertise please contact us.

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Marketing and promotion of your business is as important as the job itself and what better way to get your company or personal ideal out to the public. Having an ample supply of marketing materials is also important. Business cards, mailer cards, flyer/sell sheets, lawn signs, banners can have a very positive impact to keep your company at the top of your customers list. One of your company goals is to have potential clients know you are present in your industry. Staying upfront in the public eye is very important and promotion/marketing keeps you there.

Personal Needs

Having an event or party? Special designs to celebrate an event or signify an achievement can enhance your needs. Whether it is an invitation/announcement, a salutation board, poetry set to fine art, graduation announcements/invitations, keepsake/memory book or vacation book make those moments memorable and have them created as soon as possible to help make those moments last a logo

Graphic Design, Photography

Our Strategy

LA Photography/Graphic Design has a simple goal “To assist clients with their business and personal design needs, while establishing excellent relationships.”

We know a lot of business’ and people are on the move, so being deadline orientated is also an important factor. We value the people we work for and continue to develop strong customer relations.

From business designs to personal projects call LA Photography/Graphic Design today and inquire about how we can assist you with your next project.

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Graphic Design, Photography

Graphic Design/Photography

When it comes to creating your print or digital media projects, it is important to make sound decisions about the needs of your design(s). Whether on the internet or in print it is vital for you to do your homework on all your designs, in order for your designer to know and understand what you need done. Communication is a valuable asset to have.

Let the designs begin! 

At LA Photography/Graphic design, no job is to big or small. We strive to make sure that everything you need is done correctly and completely, while maintaining that sense of creativity you need.

If you have a printer in mind, let the designer know, this way the photographer/designer can communicate with them to insure all the printing specifications will be correct.

Let’s start brainstorming today!

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