Graphic Design, Photography


LA Photography/Graphic Design likes to treat clients and their projects with a creative flair and utmost importance . We are here to assist each client with their projects and give them the highest quality. We seek to translate their business goals into reality and enhance their business or personal objectives.

Appointments to discuss your projects are not needed, but recommended. Please feel free to contact us. We will return each message as soon as possible.

If you wish to advertise please contact us.

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Marketing and promotion of your business is as important as the job itself and what better way to get your company or personal ideal out to the public. Having an ample supply of marketing materials is also important. Business cards, mailer cards, flyer/sell sheets, lawn signs, banners can have a very positive impact to keep your company at the top of your customers list. One of your company goals is to have potential clients know you are present in your industry. Staying upfront in the public eye is very important and promotion/marketing keeps you there.

Personal Needs

Having an event or party? Special designs to celebrate an event or signify an achievement can enhance your needs. Whether it is an invitation/announcement, a salutation board, poetry set to fine art, graduation announcements/invitations, keepsake/memory book or vacation book make those moments memorable and have them created as soon as possible to help make those moments last a lifetime.

abbatepaolo art samples2


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